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Vocals/Keyboard – Kelly
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar – Kamille
Harmonies – Petra Karmina
Mandolin/Violin – Stephan Hovsepian
Tambourine/Xylophone – James Adams
Suitcase Percussion – Jaydon Bean
Mixing/Mastering – John Traunwieser

St. Patrick’s Day Video – “Fingers Crossed”

Check out Karmina’s newest song to their newest video! The song is called “Fingers Crossed”, inspired by Ireland and Peter Pan.

Sisters Kelly and Kamille are the band Karmina (means “song” in Latin), and the essence of their art can best be described as “sparkle rock”. They write, sing, produce and perform their own original music, which can be heard on their on their website CLICK HERE or you can find their music for sale on iTunes CLICK HERE

Karmina’s music has appeared on numerous major TV shows, including CSI:NY, 90210, The Hills & The Cleaner. Boasting harmonies and a musical dynamic that could only come from siblings, Karmina’s first album Backwards into Beauty (released on CBS Records) was the “2008 Billboard Critics #1 Pick”, and their single “The Kiss” rose to #24 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.

Between shooting their own music videos and making their own merchandise, Kelly and Kamille are involved in every facet of their career. They also enjoy writing parodies of their own music and wearing Converse shoes.




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